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I love buying fruit! This wasn’t even half of my shop !!!

OK Tumblr, so this is where you and I differ and I really don’t get you.

This is literally a freaking picture of some freaking fruit.

That is literally what this photo is. I mean granted, the strawberries look above par and I wouldn’t say no to one of the raspberries, but on the downside that mango isn’t really looking too rad on the overall spectrum of mangoes worldwide is it and then there’s just some big ol’ bananas chillin’ on in there. Exotic as shit hey?

So let’s just take a second here to think about the fact that more than 10,000 people have gotten so overly excited by this picture of some fruit that they’ve taken the time out of their day to either post it to their blog or save it to somewhere that they can come back to it later and get excited about it all over again. I mean I know what’s gonna cheer me up on a day when I’m down and I’m telling you now, it isn’t this freaking picture of some freaking fruit. I mean am I missing something here or have people started hyperventilating when they go on a trip down the grocery aisle?

I could literally walk fifteen feet to my left and I would be next to the multi-coloured wonderment that is the fruit bowl in my kitchen and surprise surprise there would be some fruit in there but I ain’t gonna suddenly just whack out a cheap Instagram filter on my phone and expect to become an overnight internet sensation I mean come on guys.

I reiterate: 10,000+ people have reblogged this. WHAT AM I MISSING HERE!?

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